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So, we all know the things we need to do to shape up. You know, like saying no to some social invitations so we can complete that all important written assignment, dissertation or group presentation at University. For the career prone readers, it could be curbing that spending habit. You know, those all endearing Russell and Bromley shoes, or addiction to your favorite caramel macchiato from your favorite pricey coffee house. These are all obviously minor habits to kick out of our daily routine, or so we would think. To the more spiritual reader, these may seem to be superficial examples however, you may be surprised to find that the daily decisions we make and apply are the building blocks to our lasting character. The all important element, fabric and essence of our being. Further, our daily application can either be conscious or unconscious and this is always people specific, and each individual’s consistent approach is very different.

The principles of consistency, as largely propagated by philosophers include three key elements. Firstly non-contradiction, which explores the notion that you cannot be somewhere you are not. To the philosophical readers you can identify here with Aristotelian logic. Secondly, the excluded middle which emphasizes you cannot be half here and half there. There is no middle ground between somewhere you are and somewhere you are not. Lastly, identity and this is the assertion that you are what you are. All these approaches lead us to a solid conclusion, that in order to change those bad habits you need to be assertive and assured in your decision to progress and move forward. Christ said it best, be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. Firstly, mental renewal as a believer and born again Christian starts with the foundations of truth, taken from the Bible; the living word of God (John 1v1). Secondly, Daniel exemplified the requirements for studying the ‘parchments’, this refers to academic, scholarly and daily study of the systems of this world; the society in which we live. Remember, we are in this world (the first limb) and we need to function effectively and purposively within this world. However, we should also remember the second limb that we are not of this world. The mere expounding of the preceding statement can take months, I suggest you have a group discussion on both limbs with like-minded people☺

Fret not for we have tips to get you out of the 2016 funk and into the 2017 Bugatti lane of overtaking with purpose and style.

So supremely, be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. It’s plain and simple right? Fret not for we have tips to get you out of the 2016 funk and into the 2017 Bugatti lane of overtaking with purpose and style. The lane of overtaking, without running out of steam; a sustainable approach to shaping your 2017 positive habits.

Top tip 1 – a healthy mind leads to a healthy life.

Look out for the top kindle reads and stretch your mind. Read up on Brexit or something that’s shaping our 21st Century society, nothing beats a well-informed mind. Readers are leaders after all. Stretch yourself, try reading something on politics, current affairs, biographies, anything outside your everyday/week reading. Go on, surprise yourself.

Top tip 2 – a healthy balance wins every time.

Being effective in a busy society comes down to being balanced in your academic, social and work life. This all starts with your power mornings and I am not just referring to your HIIT exercise, I specifically mean your spirituality- yes that’s right. Procrastination will get you nowhere fast, so set your alarm early in the morning and get your power 7 minutes with the Holy Spirit, first thing every morning. Please note that we recommend 7 minutes, but you can choose your own length of time.

Top tip 3 – who has your ears?

So you know how they say you become like the people around you. We are a royal priesthood, a chosen generation – period. The people that speak into your life form your world view, so take a minute to reflect on your daily routine and if there are people you need to kick out of your life. That might be extreme, so let’s keep it PC and say, the people you need to close out of your life. This is so important and we know how our Lead Pastor, Pastor Matthew consistently re-affirms the importance of the company you keep, the things we hear and see. Remember, Psalms 1 verse 1 to 6 it will literally save you and get you into the overtaking lane.

Top tip 4 – accountability – who is keeping you in check?

Our advice would be to get a mentor. You know, like Paul was to Timothy, Elijah was to Elisha, Mordecai was to Esther and Naomi was to Ruth. Mentors are effective and each area of your life should have a mentor. So you need a spiritual, financial, relational, career, business mentor etc. You can also have a mentor that speaks to you at different seasons in your life. Sometimes you can have one mentor that covers all areas of your life. Essentially, you need a mentor and if you don’t have one start praying for God to lead you to the right people/person (ideally older than you). If they don’t challenge you positively then they are not doing the correct mentoring.

Top tip 5 – stay worded up and open to change.

It is no secret, staying worded up is essential and I suggest if you haven’t already done so, downloading the audio bible. It’s amazing! Remember if there is any problem or challenge that you are facing, the bible is the best solution base. It’s true, so challenge yourself and get a concordance and any bible study tools to aide your voyage of biblical excursion – go on, get accelerating and kick off the dust from your shoes.

In conclusion, these are our practical tips, obviously this is not an exhaustive list. However, it is a really effective starting point. As you approach the New Year, see it as a change and transition from caterpillar mode to butterfly flight mode. What we are advising is that you take stock and think of progress long term instead of the ominous quick fix. Transformation is a steady, clearly strategized and formulated process, so don’t rush the process and you will surely conquer in your 2017 (and beyond) in a strong and consistent way, ensuring that you are overtaking in all areas.

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